The New Town in Pictures

The modern town developed outside the walls of mediaeval Rhodes and throbs with the life and activity throughout the year. It is full of surprising contrasts: modern blocks of flats, wide streets, squares, a multitude of shops ... and among all these, an important number of buildings, where the venetian, Gothic and Arabic elements blend.

Perfecture of the Dodecanese

The impressive Administration Building which houses the Prefecture of the Dodecanese.

Post Office

The Post Office

Around the port, the Mandraki, we find the imposing buildings in neo-colonial and Italianate style, which lend grandeur to this part of the present-day town.

Harbour of Mandraki

 The Fort of Saint Nicholas.

Opposite, the small old harbor of Mandraki, stands the fort of Saint Nicholas.

At the entrance to the harbor, atop tall columns, stand the two bronze deer - characteristic landmarks of the island. Here, according to tradition, was the place where the famous Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, once stood.

Three Stone Byzantine Windmills

Near the fortress with the lighthouse , three stone Byzantine windmills lend the finishing touch to one of the loveliest views of the town.

Coffee Stop, relax and watch the world zoom by.

Cyprus Square - The Money Centre!!

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Acropolis Of Rhodes

On the hill of Aghios Stephanos or Monte Smith, to the west of the new town, stands the Acropolis of ancient Rhodes. Here, remains of the temples of Athena Polias, of the Pythian Apollo and the Zeus can still be seen ...

Acropolis Of Rhodes

Near the temple of Apollo, there is a small restored theatre and a stadium, dating from the 3rd century BC.

Restored Theatre